Water Play EL PULPO. 

Working with the Municipality of Cd. Neza and hand with Constructoras, we developed this water park called EL PULPO. It is located in Ciudad Neza. Colonia El Barquito. It is called The Octopus, as it was built on a ridge where there was an Octopus Sculpture Game.
If you want to visit, you are in Avenida Pantitlán and Porfirio Díaz.

LAS FUENTES Park in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl

Working with the Municipality of Cd. Neza and hand in hand with other companies and Constructoras, we developed one of the largest dry dancers in Mexico.
It consists of 108 Straight Outlets and 12 Mist Outputs that are synchronized to the rhythm of the Music. Offering an area both contemplative and recreational for entire families.
The park is in front of the Ciudad Jardín shopping center on the Bordo de Xochiaca. It really is worth to visit to visit with the Famila.

Water Game EL BARQUITO . Watch the video here

Working with the Municipality of Cd. Neza and hand in hand with Constructoras, we developed this water park called EL BARQUITO. It is located in Ciudad Neza. Colonia El Barquito. It is an area that recovered after having been abandoned for years. We will keep you informed for inaugurations.  We develop different models such as the Aqua Flower with LED Lighting.
Here some news on the Inauguration

Reinaguración of BARQUITO
Video of Inauguration realized by the Municipality
Video of the Barquito

ANIMAYA Water Game

For 2 months we have been working in Merida and on September 6th, finally, another of our Water Parks was inaugurated. This was in a Center called ANIMAYA. Here are some news below.
nforma Yucatán
ctual Mérida
oticias ContraPunto

Children's Games Area in CLUB SPORTS "Casino San Angel"

Children's Game for CLUB Deportivo "Casino San Angel." This is a children's game that we have called OLIMPIA "123-PG-MD-Olimpia" Imported plastic parts and metal structure made in Mexico.

Children's Games for Monterrey. 123-PG-MD-Parma

We were able to enter Nuevo León with Urban furniture, gyms and children's games. Learn more about our games. This model is called PARMA
You can see more photos in our fanpage

Parque LA CEJA, in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco

We thank the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Works "SIOP" of Jalisco, for having given us the opportunity to work in this park. It is almost finished. We sent them a video that shows a part of the process that we have done for the construction of the Park. The park has a playful Fountain Ballerina that at the moment it is turned on, attracts all the children and adults of the park !!!. 

In this park, we supply Aparcabicicletas (racks of bikes) and Estela Informativa.

Expo SECTOR VERDE. Bancomer Center

At the beginning of the year we supplied the Furniture for 9 Pocket Parks in several Delegations of the Federal District. We have just finished the supply of one more in the Benito Juárez Delegation, next to the Metro Zapata. We will upload it to our FanPage Pronto.

Over the past year and this year, we have provided children's playgrounds, exercise and outdoor gyms, benches, picnic tables, roofing, fountains, etc., about 45 parks in the state . We hope to continue this inertia during 2014.


Under Bridges of the Bicentenoario Cicuito . We invite you to know the urban furniture and children's games that we are placing in the Bajo Puentes divesos of Mexico City. You can see some images in  F acebook . In  Uno Dos Tres por Mi  we support this type of efforts of both individuals and government. It seems to us an incredible task to recover spaces that were previously Sites of Vandalism, Nest of rats and places of oscio, making them pleasant places of coexistence and profit. 

> We finished a Water Game in Tabaso (Nacajuca) . It is a compact park ideal for reduced places. As you can see in the video, the area is relatively small (100m2) You can find alternatives in the section of Aquatic Games .. TMVDwtvlWWo

> The next week, we will start a new Aquatic Park in Cd. Neza. The place lends itself a lot, since there is a giant BOAT.

We present the Video of Inauguration of the Donation Park called PARQUE UNO that was donated by SOME COMPANIES including UnoDosTresPorMi. 
The park is located in the Iztapalapa Delegation in Santa Cruz Meyehualco.

With On and Off times, Intelligent Filtration system, Cistern Self-priming and Automatic water filling control with protection for Pumps.

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